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Overcome Obstacles ~ Achieve Success

Right thoughts + Right rituals = Activated Power

Unleash The Magic.  Ready?

Your thoughts give body to your dreams and desires.

The daily rituals you invest yourself into are oils that activate your staying power.  


Why Our Work Matters?

We make use of an advanced technology that uncover troublesome thoughts and behavior patterns that impede your progress and create obstacles.

Our cutting-edge tools will also uncover factors outside of you that impact your judgement and life trajectory. (None of the traditional approaches do this!)

With laser-like precision, we accurately diagnose your current situation in regards to thoughts, emotion and actions.


We also pinpoint external factors and advise on the best path forward.

Bonginen gets to the root cause of your challenges and provide answers, tools and techniques to help you overcome those challenges.  We also provide ongoing training and support to help you manage your thoughts and any factors outside of you that may impede your success.


Bonginen Empowers You


Bonginen Guides You


Bonginen Supports You

Iya Tilewa


My passion is to be of service and to leave a positive mark in the world.   Thus,  I created a revolutionary approach to life coaching  that will not only help you to manage your thoughts and factors within your control but also external contributors that may have great impact on your success.


If you are...

  • facing difficult situaltions

  • at a stand still

  • staring at a fork in the road

  • having difficulty managing your life

  • concerned about a situation

  • suffering from addiction

  • feeling imposed upon & overwhelmed

  • seeking to expand your spiritual practice

  • seeking spiritual experiences

...our advanced tools yield phenomenal results that are solution-oriented.