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Aligning our efforts is paramount

Every spiritual school of thought teaches us about love and acceptance, responsibility to community, the urgency to open our hearts and mind to the Divine, to attune ourselves to the Divine will.  Cultivating the Good within us is the premise of most religion and spiritual school.

How we call or perceive and even serve that Good varies among cultures, people, church, temple, language, etc..  This is so because human creativity and potential is boundless.  Your creativity and potential is limitless!  Do you know that Creativity + Love = Divine?


It is a bonus when we accept that the end goal is love and that Love resides in all of us.  It is sad when we seek out differences and regard them in a negative light.  It is terrible when we attempt to homogenize human creativity, when creativity is in itself the Divine manifestation working through us.

Your religious faith matters.  Your spiritual faith matters.  When that faith moves you closer to rendering Love in all its color and shades, so will it move you toward greatness! 


The Bonginen precept are the following:

  1. Do not listen to nay-sayers, haters, banishers, morally stunted divisive foes.  The Divine song within you is more beautiful.  It defies doubt when it is strong.

  2. Spirituality should serve to fuel your will to attain your fullest of potential, not dampen it.

  3. Maintaining the right mindset through any challenge is the key to achieving success in any endeavor. 

  4. Right emotion + right mind + right ritual = keys to spiritual power and physical health.

Intuitive Counseling & Coaching Session

Duration: 90 minutes


Because we value your time and business, we offer virtual 1-on-1 sessions over Zoom or Whatsapp.  Also flexible scheduling option Monday to Saturday. 


  • Are you open-minded and can allow for alternative solutions?

  • Are you facing major obstacles?

  • Is getting the results you want difficult?

  • Do you sometimes feel that your life is a drag?

  • Do you question your relationship, career, business, purpose?

  • Are you seeking spiritual experiences to either enrich your life or to gain clarity?

  • Do you want to expand your spiritual understanding and practice?

Then an Intuitive Counseling and Coaching with Iya Tilewa is absolutely right for you! 


Bonginen's Intuitive Counseling and Coaching is Life Coaching blended with Spirit Divination.  


During the Intuitive Counseling & Coaching session, Iya Tilewa will use advanced divinatory tools:

  1.   to tap into the true source of your difficulties

  2.   to seek guidance from Spirit

  3.   to uncover the fix that will get you back on track

  4.   to get you back in the right emotional, physical and spiritual state  


One important aspect of our experiential human life traditional teachings do WANT to teach us, is the importance of cultivating and raising our intuition. Within our intuition is where our existential power starts to take shape.  

Raising our intuition enriches our mind and gives us the confidence to stand on our own.  Raising our intuition sets us apart from the herd mentality that society and most forms of governments prefer.  Us, thinking for ourself, is not desired. 


Following our intuition helps us to make better decisions, avoid common pitfalls, predict certain ourcome or events, align us with the Source Of Good, make us more creative and tolerant, helps us understand ourselves better.

Most importantly, our intuition helps us stay in the right emotional state, thereby raising our vibrational energy whereby we develop the ability to effect certain outcome. 


The right emotions and intuition puts us in the right mindset.

The right mindset combined with the right emotions deliver phenomenal amount of vital force to actually live the life we want, having the results we desire!


Iya Tilewa can totally zoom into your mind with her advanced method to tell you exactlty what is going on with you or a loved-one.  She will tell you what you can look forward to as solutions or opportunities.  She will guide and empower you!


Your personal spiritual faith is very important to us.  We will devise a goal and action plan that is in alignment with your spiritual beliefs.


Here is a list of tools we can activate on an individual basis:

  • Sacred mantras or prayers

  • Meditation (i.e. Magic Mind Lab Therapy)

  • Healing Candles,

  • Sacred icons for your home or business, etc... 

If you prefer to have a free 20-minute chat before purchasing, click here to schedule a time that works best for you. 

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