Deep Dive Life Coaching

To own our truth is a priviledge!

Right mindset is key

Before any clever-titled books were ever written in the now exhauting variety of the Law Attraction.  Before some self-appointed philosopher called himself the "Godfather of the Law of Attraction".  Having faced the naked wrath of nature, war with neighboring tribes, descent amongs themselves, the need to record time and the desire to understand their existence, thousands of years ago, communities all over the world had come to the realization that the mind is the most important tool they had at their disposal. 


Both oral and written recordings of early human civilizations captured the frenzied drive of mankind to exert control over his existence and to make of it what he willed.


Though we live in the resource-rich comfort of modern times, still we grapple for control over our existence, the rightful need to have a say in what happens to us. 


Maintaining the right mindset through any challenge is the key to achieving success in any endeavor.  Having the "audacity to hope" is the Queen on a chess board game.  Far from passive, she is ruthless, relentless and magnetic!

Deep Dive Coaching Session

Duration: 60 minutes or 90 minutes


Because we value your time and business, we offer virtual 1-on-1 sessions over Zoom or Whatsapp.  Also flexible scheduling option Monday to Saturday. 


  • Do you need to improve your diet or relationship?

  • Are you facing major obstacles or challenges?

  • Do you feel like you do not have control over your life?

  • Do you need clear vision and solution to move forward?

  • Are you having doubts and anxiety about your relationship, business, career, money?


Then Deep Dive Coaching Session is right for you!


Deep Dive Coaching Session is Life Coaching on adrenaline.  Iya Tilewa uses advanced and proven tools to help you explore the source and nature of the challenges you face.


During our session together, we will work together to explore the thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that aren't conducive to prosperity.  We can totally zoom into your mind to tell you exactly what is going on.


One important aspect of our experiential human life traditional teachings do not address, let alone resolve, is the impact other people's intentions can hold upon us.  


The envy and scorn of others can hurt us in both the physical and spiritual world.  No different from gossip and actions on their part.  Absolutely, they can throw a wrench into your tires and throw you for a spin!  This is not superstition.  It is a real phenomena. 

The good news is that a strong minset is the secret power tool that can help us weather any obstacle, whatever the origin.  A strong mindset is the Rook on the chess game board, standing steadfast between you and your enemies.

In this deep dive session, we will work together to create a goal and an action plan based upon your desired vision.


Your personal faith and beliefs are ALWAYS very important to us.  We will devise action steps that are in alignment with your spiritual beliefs.


Here is a list of tools we can activate on an individual basis:

  • Sacred mantras or prayers

  • Meditation (i.e. Magic Mind Lab Therapy)

  • Healing Candles,

  • Sacred icons for your home or business, etc... 

If you prefer to have a free 20-minute chat before purchasing, click here to schedule a time that works best for you. 

For ongoing support, we recommend the Successful VIP Life Coaching package. We work intimately together for 3 months to effect real lasting change, tackling each paradigm.  Best of all, we garantee our results!

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Let the transformation begin!