Our Method

Do you wish you could feel clear and certain again?

Here at Bonginen I work tirelessly to make my clients feel empowered, guided and supported.

I provide each of my clients with one-on-one attention.

You will benefit from genuine authenticity.

My team is a small and very talented team. 

We are non-judgemental and highly creative. 

The most advanced tool is what I use to put power back into your hands.

Whether you are looking to take control of your life in order to live out your destiny with great success — 

Whether your concerns are spiritual in nature, we have you covered!

"They will say that I came this way, I did good!"

Hi, I am Iya Tilewa, Founder of Bonginen, Intuitive Coach, Wellness Coach

 I created a revolutionary approach to life coaching  that will not only help you to manage your thoughts and factors within your control but also external contributors that may have great impact on your success.


My passion is to be of service and to leave a positive mark upon the world.   You could say that I am an old soul.  As a child, hardly 8 years of age, my insights surprised people.  Even then I felt inspired to become an important person people would remember.   My grandmother, Rose-Anne, remembers me talking to other kids and saying: 

"They will say that I came this way , that I did good!"

And so it is, I come to serve!


I hold a Bachelor in Computer Science, after switching my major from Pre-Med.  I held a high  corporate job working for Fortune 100 and Fortune 50 companies for the past 15 years.  Though I love my job and the amazing lifestyle it afforded me for so long, in recent years I felt the need for change.  I began to study the ancient and highly advanced science of the Yoruba religion.  Subsequently, I initiated as an Iyalosha, becoming a priestess and a healer.  I also discovered a passion for Tai Chi.  My future plan is to incorporate Tai Chi into my healing practice.

I have great interest in herbology and the Vegan lifestyle.  

The most defining quality about me is that I have an open-mind and see the many manifestations of the Divine Forces in all things.   I believe that when we are in alignment with the Good, we can not but achieve success.  And I believe we encounter failure and a confusing mind-state when we fall out of alignment with the Good that exists within and all about.

We are


Let the transformation begin!