The True Power of Rituals For Modern Folks

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

The right rituals build confidence and can fast-track your success. Learn why you should incorporate new rituals and how personalized rituals can positively impact your future. Check out our essential ritual guide!

Why Do We Need Rituals?

Rituals can be as mundane as making your bed every morning, daily exercise, or setting aside that time each month to manage bills. Daily prayer, yoga practice or meditation are examples of spiritual rituals. Some rituals may be more of a pampering nature: a relaxing bath after a long day, enjoying a hot tea before bedtime or even a visit to the salon to spruce up your style.

A ritual is basically any consistent activity planned in advance which requires active participation. When rituals are repeated, the outcome is positive and the benefit is cumulative. You may feel a sense of lightness and elevation from some rituals; perhaps feel more relaxed which leads to feeling joyful from others. When we recognize rituals as little gifts we give to ourselves, we feel empowered over our time and emotional state.

As a priestess, I have assisted many powerful healing rituals and can attest that while some rituals may feel somewhat strenuous on the body, the mind and spirit are uplifted as a result.

Experiencing my clients undergo amazing recovery brings me an overwhelming sense of gratitude and community in my heart every time. I say "community" in the sense that my role as a spiritualist, I serve as a humble vehicle for the sage Spirits who use my mind and hands to help heal others; underscoring that this is not something I am doing alone.

Make Your Bed And Lie In It

While you’re making your bed, you might think “what’s the point?”…But as the first accomplishment of your day, it sets the tone. And then at the end of the day, you enter your room and see the lovely made bed and you do feel a little boost.

For everyone, from guru to beginner, rituals work the same way. You start by recognizing an area that needs improvement. Next, set the intentions by defining the objective and envisioning the desired outcome. The third step is to have faith that the work you undertake will improve your life without fail. Next is the actual physical labor that sets mental, spiritual, physical energy forces in motion.

This experience may feel intense for some, while for others, may be quite simple. Whichever the case, practice makes not just perfect but practice makes everything feel easier as the actions become more automatic. The final two steps are to release this energy and step back to admire the outcome.

What A Sound Ritual Make

I am starting to sound like my old high school gym teacher now. Isn't it funny how easy it is to connect the dots? So here we go, there are four conditions to a successful ritual:

1. It must feel personal.

2. It must solve a problem.

3. It must provide a solution.

4. You must have faith in the process

Sounds easy enough, right? Great!

Focus on End Goal

I strongly believe that the right sets of rituals build character and re-enforces growth. If the religious houses and spiritual schools of the world focused on that end goal, the world at large would be a better place. Unfortunately, they predominantly focus on increasing membership and financial gains while the faithful looking for guidance are left with a sense of lack.

I dare say the end goal of religion should be self-enlightenment. This is a lifetime endeavor for the very big and the very small. How truly amazing would we each be to each other regardless of association we battle each other over mercilessly?

The Sacrifice of Self

Every ritual requires sacrifice of self and time. What do we mean by that? Let's see.

To make your bed first thing in the morning, you may have to set your alarm a few minutes earlier (no snoozing!) or delay your pleasure of perusing of your favorite social media. You take five minutes to make your bed, maybe having to keep shifting the sheets and cover so that it looks perfect.

As you progress in your ritual habits, you realize quickly that you've gained discipline, and become more efficient. Maybe at first it took you five minutes…now it only takes you three. You become more grateful in and effective at living your life and realize how this small ritual can represent how other rituals in your life can help you. You gain clarity in purpose.

I bid you Alaafia my friends!

Iya Tilewa is an intuitive counselor, spiritual healer, life coach and CEO of Bonginen. She helps her clients connect to their truest sense of self. She conducts Intuitive Counseling sessions, Space Clearing & Blessing as well as spiritual workshops. Click here to contact her.

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